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Welcome to the digital product store of Achieve Maven LTD. We highly prioritize the protection of your personal information and strive to maintain your privacy. This Privacy Policy governs the collection, storage, and utilization of data when you access our website. Please carefully review this policy to comprehend how we handle your information.

The Use of Our Product with Your Personal and Professional Information
Upon purchasing our digital template, you obtain a personal copy through the “Make a copy” feature in Google Drive. This copy is registered exclusively in your Google Drive account, ensuring that any information entered into the template remains private to you.

Data Security
We do not access, collect, or store any personal or professional information entered into the template except your name and email which is considered as a licence in our backend. The template does not integrate with external systems, and your data is not shared.

By using the template, you agree to these terms regarding the use and security of your personal and professional information.

Data Collection and Purpose
At, we meticulously collect and securely store data associated with your website visits. This data is pivotal in personalizing your browsing experience and conducting comprehensive analyses of our website’s content performance.

To optimize your browsing experience, our website employs cookies and similar cutting-edge technologies. These small files or fragments of text are downloaded to your device when you access our website. For an overview of the cookies employed on your device, kindly refer to our designated page outlining Shopify’s cookie deployment.

We utilize essential and functional cookies, which are indispensable for Shopify, our trusted hosting platform, to deliver this website to you securely.

Furthermore, we implement analytics and performance cookies on this website. These cookies are activated solely upon your acknowledgment of our cookie banner. They serve the purpose of monitoring website traffic, user activity, and other consequential data.

Shopify stands as the go-to choice for our website’s analytics. In pursuit of site analytics, our website collects personal data encompassing details about your browser, network, and device. Additionally, it records information pertaining to the web pages you visited prior to reaching our website and captures your IP address. Furthermore, the data encompasses intricate specifics concerning your utilization of this website, including clicks, internal links, visited pages, scrolling behaviour, searches, and timestamps. We duly share this information with Shopify, our esteemed website analytics provider, with the primary aim of gaining profound insights into site traffic and user activity.

Google Analytics
At Achieve Maven, we employ Google Analytics to diligently monitor website traffic and statistics. Please be aware that the data collected by Google Analytics during your visits to our website is subject to the Google Analytics Terms of Use and the Google Privacy Policy. For your convenience, you can peruse these policies on Google’s dedicated Privacy & Terms page. Should you wish to opt out of Google’s use of cookies, please consult the comprehensive information provided on the Google Advertising page.

Visitor Data
As a reliable hosting provider, Shopify diligently collects personal data during your visits to our website. This valuable information encompasses details regarding your browser, network, and device, as well as the web pages you accessed before arriving at our website. Additionally, Shopify duly records the web pages you browse while navigating our website and effectively captures your IP address. Shopify procures this data to ensure the seamless operation of our website while actively safeguarding and enhancing its platform and services. Rest assured, the data is analyzed in a meticulously de-personalized manner.

Achieve Maven avails itself of font files sourced from Google Fonts to guarantee the optimal visual presentation of our website. Consequently, the servers responsible for hosting these font files may acquire personal information relating to your browser, network, or device, as well as your IP address.

We deeply appreciate the valuable comments, insights, and suggestions you contribute. However, it is crucial to note that we strictly prohibit the use of inappropriate language or any form of abusive conduct. We retain the right to promptly delete any comments on our website without prior notice. Additionally, we assume no responsibility or liability for comments left by other individuals on our website.

Please be advised that by leaving a comment on our website, you willingly and voluntarily disclose certain personal data, including your name, email address, and/or website URL.

Embedded Content from Other Websites
Articles featured on Achieve Maven may include embedded content, such as videos, images, or articles, sourced from external websites. The behaviour of embedded content mirrors your interaction with the corresponding external website as if you had directly accessed it. It is important to acknowledge that these external websites may collect data about you, employ cookies, integrate additional third-party tracking systems, and meticulously monitor your engagement with the embedded content. This monitoring takes place if you possess an account and are logged into the respective external website.

Your Rights
If you have left comments on our website, you retain the right to request the personal data we possess concerning you, including any data you have shared with us. Moreover, you have the prerogative to request the erasure of any personal data we have on record. Kindly note that this does not encompass data we are legally or administratively obliged to retain for security, legal, or administrative purposes.

Updates and Contact
Please be aware that this Privacy Policy is subject to revision at our discretion. We highly recommend reviewing this policy periodically to remain informed of any modifications.

If you have any further inquiries, questions, or concerns pertaining to our Privacy Policy or any other matter, you can contact us at

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